Greanhorn was created to support local filmmakers. Our community is built around supporting filmmakers, giving them a voice, and helping artists win well-deserved prizes. Many short films deserve to be spotlighted for their passion, commitment, and art. By subscribing to Greanhorn, you’re not just watching short films and voting… you’re joining a community. We hope to bring massive exposure to filmmakers, build them audiences, and connect other artists in the community. Every month, a portion of our festival proceeds will go straight to the winning film. Join now, support passionate filmmakers, and be part of our growing community.

Yes. We are constantly accepting submissions for upcoming festivals. Our goal is to showcase your film to new audiences, have them share your art with their friends, and help you build a lasting fan base. We want you to continue working on your craft and know that people are out there waiting for your next film. We will provide support, aid in exposure, and you may even win a prize just for doing what you love. View our submission page for full festival rules. No entry fee required.

There is no deadline to submit a film. We are constatnly accepting short film submissions for our upcoming film festivals. We hold a film festival every month, so if you don't make it to our next festival you may have a chane of being a part of a future festival. If you are accepted into one of our festivals, our committee will let you know which festival you will be a part of. 

On Greanhorn you will find some of the most creative short films from around the world. Every month, we have films competing for the $250 cash prize. You can watch and vote on films from our current festival or browse through our collection of films from previous festivals. We have award-winning films, newfound talent, and creatives of all types.

Keep in mind, registration is completely free.

We require users to register to our film festival so that we can keep voting secure - we take festival votes very seriously.